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Hilton, NY

Hilton Home Care was founded on May 1, 2017 by long time area resident Brian Stiles. Brian previously spent 36 years in the construction industry which included the renovation and construction of homes in the early years and the management of multi-million-dollar commercial construction in the later years. This was followed by three years as Director of Operations for the Open Door Mission. Armed with this array of diverse experience, he was well prepared for a move in a new direction with a community service vision.

The urge to help those in need has always been a part of Brian's career path from the early days of his first construction business trying to help some of his struggling employees, to building churches in the 90's to the Open Door Mission (2014-2017) and now to a this new effort with Hilton Home Care.

The initial intent was to build a company that would eventually provide a host of services to help our local senior citizens stay in their homes. During our first year this vision expanded to include all of our Hilton area neighbors (regardless of age) who are facing various significant personal challenges. During our second year the organization of a non-profit affiliate as soon as it becomes feasible was added to the vision (see link below).

Some day we hope to add services like an accessible van to provide local transportation, meal preparation, household organization and other non-medical assistive services. We hope to be that one number you can call when you are trying to help a family member get through those times that each of us may face at some point in our life.

Help HILTON HOME CARE fulfill this vision and perhaps this may lead to helping a friend, a neighbor or even your own family. Call us for services or perhaps consider joining the team! We are always on the lookout for community service minded individuals to add to our growing team.

The original passion for the vision stems from the experience Brian has had providing care for his 92 years young father, Richard Stiles. Brian's dad is still in the home they built together 29 years ago and hopes to keep it that way!

Brian, his wife Jana and the Hilton Home Care Team thank you for support in our first year and are looking forward to many years of service to our community.

Mark 12:31 - "Love your neighbor as yourself."

In support of this vision, we are working to establish a non-profit community service organization that will operate as an affiliate to Hilton Home Care. To learn more CLICK on the GOFUNDME link below.

Meet Brian & Jana Stiles, Owners of Hilton Home Care

Richard Stiles, Brian's 92 year old father